With Hot&Fresh insoles, we intend to propose an alternative, natural and ecological solution to the existing warming or refreshing products, which can only take effect if absorbed by the skin such as creams, ointments and sprays, but that over time can develop skin irritations or lead to intolerance.

In conditions of inactivity and good health, the human body usually has a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature perceived by it depends essentially on thermal exchanges between the body itself and its surroundings. When our body perceives a temperature above 27-28 degrees Celsius, we are hot. When it senses a temperature below 27-28 degrees Celsius, we are cold.
So to optimise the well-being of the foot and relieve the sensations of excessive heat or cold, Hot&Fresh has patented totally natural and ecological compositions that stimulate locally the physiological response to heat or cold to trigger the feelings of well-being.

Now, in work, sport or any other activity carried out at any temperature, even particularly high or low temperatures, using the Hot&Fresh insole, we can always have optimum comfort.

The effectiveness of Hot&Fresh insoles has been extensively tested with a considerable number of people and have been substantially proven by laboratory tests. In addition, we are proud to be certified by the C.I.M.A.C. (Centro Italiano Materiali di Applicazione Calzaturiera)

Comfort guaranteed at every temperature.

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