Both the Hot&Fresh Warming and Refreshing insoles are the first in the world with a natural membrane, with a patented system. They are very comfortable and suitable for all types of footwear thanks to the properties of the memory fabric from which they are made. The Hot&Fresh insoles are an innovative, natural and ecological alternative to the existing heating or refreshing insole products, aiming for the well-being of the foot. Thanks to the use of the natural properties of specific mineral salts and essential oils, the Warming or Refreshing membranes are able to exert a targeted physiological stimulation that can produce a sensation of warming or refreshing, providing from the outset an immediate feeling well-being and comfort to the foot. Aware of the importance of safety and health for both adults and children, we have researched a completely natural product that becomes an effective and indispensable ally for the protection of the unpleasant effects of high and low temperatures. The main features of the Hot&Fresh Warming or Refreshing insoles are:

  • Unique product, completely natural, hypo-allergenic and Eco Friendly in all aspects, including the packaging.
  • The raw materials are totally natural.
  • The central membrane has ‘memory’ capabilities (natural latex).
  • The coating is 100% cotton, like the rest of the layers in the insole.
  • The foot rests on cotton and not on polyester as for almost all other products on the market.
  • The different layers are assembled with natural water-based glues, therefore excluding the presence of any substances harmful to the body.
  • The skin does not receive any toxic exposure.
  • They use natural properties of mineral salts and essential oils of the highest quality, in a patented formula.
  • They give the feet and shoes a delicate scent.
  • They fight sweating and bad odours.
  • They carry out their function without any direct contact of active substances with the skin, so they do not cause any skin intolerances.
  • They should not be connected to the power outlet and do not anoint the feet.
  • Comfortable and hygienic.
  • External packaging is made from recycled cardboard (recycled cardboard from Eco Craft).
  • Extreme ease of use, suitable for all types of footwear, also ideal for children.
  • All components of the insoles are assembled and made in Italy.
  • The manufacture of the product takes place in an existing factory in order to create synergy between production units and therefore reduce CO2 emissions.
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