Our commitment is aimed at promoting the well-being of every person who uses our insoles, improving the quality of the sensations perceived by the feet during a sporting activity, pleasant walk or simply in the course of normal daily activities.
We do this by providing a completely natural, hypo-allergenic and Eco-Friendly products in all of its components, including the packaging.
Products are 100% natural.
The inner lining is cotton.
We use mineral salts and essential oils of the highest quality.
Outer packaging is natural and made of recycled products (Recycled cardboard from Eco Craft)
All components are handmade and exclusively produced in Italy.
The equipment that is used in the production cycle of Hot&Fresh insoles is already used for the manufacture of traditional insoles, in order to avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions from the creation and the use of new machinery.
All the work is carried out in local companies and in close proximity to each other in order to be able to comply as much as possible to the concept of work at Km0.
Unfortunately, at present and in order to perfectly safeguard all the characteristics of our products, it is necessary to use a plastic casing, which is always 100% recyclable and completely non-toxic.

We are as attentive as possible to the well-being of our customers as well as to the well-being of our environment.

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