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Hot&Fresh Rinfrescante

La soletta RINFRESCANTE Mentolo – Eucalipto. La membrana Hot&Fresh Rinfrescante sfrutta le proprietà di alcuni sali minerali e oli essenziali, tra cui le proprietà del mentolo e dell’eucalipto, sostanze da tempo utilizzate in cosmesi per la produzione di lozioni, creme e gel rinfrescanti. Il mentolo “interagisce” con i corpuscoli del Krause, i recettori del freddo presenti nella nostra pelle, così da “percepire” una temperatura inferiore a quella reale.

Grazie alla tecnologia Hot&Fresh, il mentolo e l’eucalipto possono essere finalmente impiegati per la produzione di sottopiedi e diversamente da altri prodotti ad effetto rinfrescante, i sottopiedi Hot&Fresh non richiedono il contatto diretto con l’epidermide e non provocano arrossamenti. Inoltre donano ai piedi e alle calzature delle profumazioni estremamente delicate e dalla nota leggermente balsamica.

Hot&Fresh Rinfrescante is a refreshing membrane that contains menthol, a substance used for a long time now in the production of cooling lotions, creams and gels.

Menthol is able to “trick” Krause corpuscles, the skin receptors that respond to cold. Being partially anesthetized by menthol, these thermoreceptors receive a lower temperature than real.

Thanks to Hot&Fresh technology, menthol can now be used for the production of cooling foot supports (orthotics, insoles, etc.), as well as for the production of cooling collars, sweatbands and headbands.

The physiological effects stemming from the membrane Hot&Fresh Rinfrescante correspond to those due to the sensation of cold. Imagine that you wear a pair of shoes which have an internal temperature of 45 °C (equal to 113 °F). At 45 °C, the sensation of heat will stimulate a cooling mechanism based on peripheral vasodilatation (which allows the movement of a greater quantity of blood to the skin) and on sweat secretion (which removes a large amount of heat through evaporation). If you adopted one of Hot&Fresh footwear refreshing solutions, your feet would feel a temperature of 30 °C (equal to 86 °F), which is much lower than the real one. A temperature of 30 °C is not sufficient to trigger the cooling mechanism of your skin. Consequently, without vasodilatation and sweat, your feet would never end up to smell.

Unlike other refreshing products, Hot&Fresh accessories do not require direct contact with the skin and does not cause rednesses.

As pure menthol can have a strong odor, Hot&Fresh Rinfrescante is available in extremely delicate, but not necessarily balsamic, fragrances.


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